How Treat the adult Acne: easy ways of a Perfect Skin

Because in spring there are not only the flowers which bud…

Let us attack with the difficult file of the buttons, and more particularly of the adult acne.
I belong to malchanceuses which, to about thirty, continue to suffer from small (or large: roll: ) buttons of hormonal origin for the majority.
There exist treatments for éradiquer these buttons, but on my side they were rather disastrous, that looks after on a side and that déglingue another thing of the other. In short I decided to pass by again with something softer. Especially, it is necessary well to acknowledge that the “oral” treatments seldom éradiquent the buttons: once the treatment stopped the problems return.

Causes of the adult acne
Then it should be known that roof of bad luck, more women than men are touched by the adult acne. Faults with the hormones of course, much more difficult to stabilize on our premises.
This known as, the adult acne is generally less severe than the acne teenager.

Caution: The adult acne can touch the people who did not have severe acne during adolescence; it is my case.

Here various causes:

cause hormonal
bad hygiene of life
unsuited cosmetics
medicamentous origin
The role of the food
What is it food? The sausage, chocolate? It is an urban legend! It was not proven to date that the food exploited a part the acne. Ouf, one will be able to eat our Easter eggs tranquilou! On the other hand the anti-acne treatments are less effective among smokers than in the nonsmokers: the skin does not receive same manner the benefits of the dermatological treatments.

How to fight against the adult acne: To find a perfect skin
Already, to make a hormonal assessment with your doctor. If you take the pill a small change can regulate this problem very quickly. So in spite of an adapted pill you always suffer from small buttons, one passes to the following phase.

How to fight against the acne if one is pregnant?
I am not expert, read the notes of the products well especially! A thing of which I am certain, Rubozinc is the only oral drug against the acne with being authorized during the pregnancy. Moreover they advised it with the expectant mothers suffering from hormonal acne in the emission the Nursery schools.

One fights against the desire for groping the buttons
To apply care yes, to grope not. To scrape the buttons can cause an ignition, to delay the cicatrization, and especially that can leave marks! The desire is sometimes large but it is really necessary to be retained.

The buttons of the adult acne are often localized towards the chin.
Thus avoid at all costs “contaminating” this zone. The chin sometimes automatically is touched when one reflects, or one rests above when one sat, one needs éradiquer these small bad habits.

Always have on you a gel disinfecting to keep your own hands as much as possible (after public transport, during a long way…).
Side cosmetics it is similar one does not compromise on hygiene. One cleans his brushes the every day (and yes!), if there are creams out of pot one respects a hygiene without fault: very clean hands or small spatula to take the cream.
One will prefer the bottles pumps airless as much as possible. Only the fact of getting rid of these small bad habits can largely improve the daily newspaper of your skin.

Cosmetic products against the buttons
Often too aggressive, forget the products of supermarket which will desiccate your skin.
Side cleaning one forgets the soap and one privileges the breads will surgras. One on the other hand avoids the products containing alcohol which will excite the production of sébacées glands, one can use and misuse thermal springs and floral water.

One can continue very well to make up oneself! Simply, one avoids the cosmetics containing oil, and one chooses them non-comedogenes.
Side make-up foundation one chooses mineral or a light and adapted make-up foundation.

Adult Acne


The acne is an inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous follicule. Several phenomena enters in account its appearance:
- A thickening of the surface layer of the skin
- A more important sébacée secretion
- The development of micro-organisms
The conjugation of these various phenomena leads initially to occurred of retention of sebum in the channel pilous, responsible for the formation for black spots or microkystes (small hard heightenings), then with the release of inflammatory phenomena leading to the papules and pustules.
First of all, approximately a woman on three, old 25 to 40 years, is assigned by this awkward cutaneous pathology. Because yes, the acne is a pathology, it is a disease, therefore when you see that you have comedones more and more (buttons white, red, microkystes) = direction the dermatologist. 
Indeed, it happens that certain people still present lesions of acne to 25 years or more. It also happens that people who did not present acne to adolescence see this one appearing after 25 years.
One speaks then about acne of the adult. This type of acne is frequent and in apparent increase. It seems to be mainly observed at the woman. The adult acne sits mainly on the bottom of the face (jaws, chin).
It is a very hormonal phenomenon. The pushes are frequent in menstrual period. But the acne is worsened by the stress, pollution, the tobacco, the use of unsuited cosmetics and comedogenes, a bad hygiene of life.

It is thus important to go to see a dermatologist who is very familiar of that, it will give you an adequate treatment. During my adult acne, I passed by various forms of acne and I had two different treatments.

My first treatment was tablets to be taken once per day + a cream Eclaran 5 to spend every evening. I had an acne moderated in the form of pustule (white buttons and when one bursts, there is pus, blood!!!! I know it is hyper glamor).
A treatment which lasted 3 months. My acne had decreased well, I had less red and white buttons but not badly of scars of acne. Horrible, the bottom of my face was a checkerwork, sunk zones, clear zones, sunk zones, clear zones!

Then I passed to the second treatment because my acne had changed, I had passed from an Acne to inflammatory prevalence (papulo-pustuleuse) to an Acne known as rétentionnelle.
Finished the presence of buttons red and inflammatory, and hypers painful for black spots and microkystes (white buttons or “papules”). 
My dermatologist thus prescribed me of Locacid. This product is very effective, too effective, it failed to destroy my skin. I had a skin in scrap, which peeled constantly, which was dehydrated. As soon as I made an expression, my skin drew, hurt me!
The morning I applied Cicaplast of the Rock-Posay to repair and alleviate my in-depth skin and the evening, of Locacid. The morning when I awoke, they was dreadful I had the impression to have taken 10 years!

Nevertheless with the wire of the months, my acne disappeared, much less microkystes, black spots. My skin was smoother, Cicaplast of the Rock-Posay helped me much to preserve my skin.

The problems following the acne are the scars of acne and the dehydration of the skin. For the dehydration of the skin, there does not exist badly of serum to maintain water in cutaneous fabrics. For example the Hydraphase range of the Rock-Posay which is not badly.

Concerning the scars of acne, patience! And yes patience, there exists much of products which will attenuate the tasks, but that only attenuates them, that does not make them disappear. Locacid enabled me to get rid of many scars acne (not all!). Cicaplast of the Rock-Posay (still! this product is miraculous) avoided me not badly traces also.


The pork-butchery and the chocolate would support the acne. They is false! It is an urban legend. The bond between the acne and the consumption of pork-butcheries or forever shown chocolate. On the other hand, according to a study, an important consumption of products refined like the white bread, white rice… would stimulate the activity of sébacées glands, and would thus support the acne.
And it is true, by reducing my consumption of refined products, my skin improved.

Moreover, the B6 vitamins and B12 are bad for the skin, they thus worsen the acne it is necessary to avoid the food completions which comprise these vitamins. More, I advise you this Acné video: worsened by the vitamin B?


1) For the dermatological treatments, the results are obtained with patience, perseverance and regularity.
2) To protect itself from the sun during 365 days, and I do not laugh! A solar protection makes it possible to limit the tasks of hyperpigmentation (scars of acne) and to protect its skin.
3) Soft care, much of softness. When you have acne, you have a sensitive skin, it is all! The skin is very sensitive because it is sick, therefore it should be treated with a very great care. Consult my preceding articles on my routines care of the face, you will see the products which I used and who helped me much.
4) Not to touch not your buttons. I know that itch and I did it full with time, but I very quickly regretted. Some of my scars of acne of it are the proof.

Today there remain to me small buttons and some microkystes. I continue my treatment, and I remain very careful. I take care of my skin carefully.

According to a magazine, a skin can remain acneic/or with acneic tendency between 4 and 6 years! Thus I pay great attention. There remain to me scars of acne, and I make all my possible so that they disappear.

The following photographs were taken today. As one can see it, there remain to me some microkystes and scars of acne. Unfortunately I do not have photographs of my acne at these beginnings.

At the end of 17 months and half of treatment, I start to find a more beautiful skin. On these photographs, I do not carry anything. My skin is cleaned and rinsed with thermal spring of Avène.
I obtained that thanks to patience, perseverance, very soft care, and without Clarisonic, neither Konjac sponge, nor brushes cleaning!

For the scars of acne, Locacid helped me well, but it me still remains about it. I tested the Bi-Oil but it gave me buttons at the end of one day of use. I continued during 1 week, even more buttons, therefore I stopped!

To relieve the acne by the plants

For the light acnes, certain plants help to find a pretty skin without passing by heavy treatments. Effective and cheap.


60 to 80% of the teenagers suffer from it. Nearly 25% of the adults - especially women - would be also affected. Which is this terrible evil? Acne. This chronic inflammatory disease starts with puberty and its mechanism is known: under the influence of a hormonal disorder (cortisol, androgens…), the skin produces too much sebum, a fatty substance which blocks the pores of the skin, forming a ground favourable with the development of bacteria and thus with the appearance of buttons. The acne can also occur at the adult woman according to the hormonal fluctuations: a few days before the rules, at the time of the beginning or the stop of an oral contraceptive, during the pregnancy or at the time of the menopause. The rules of local hygiene are essential for these fragile and irritable skins. It is in particular necessary to avoid products which pickle and drain, limiting the exposure to the sun, the make-up and adopting an irreproachable hygiene with all that touches the skin: , brush pillowcase of make-up, cream, etc a food rich in fruits, vegetables and zinc - the oligoélément principal one for the regeneration of the skin - is advised, as well as the stop of the tobacco and the fatty food limitation, like the pork-butchery or cheeses.

The psychic repercussion of the acne or the scars which it can cause is not to take with the light one. The chemical treatments suggested can be effective and some times impossible to circumvent, but they involve potentially serious side effects (Roaccutane celebrates it was thus suspecté of suicidal risks). In first intention, certain plants will be thus an interesting alternative to control hormonal imbalances, to drain the organization and the skin and to locally act.

The hop to control hormonal imbalance

The androgens, male sex hormones present at the woman and the man, involve the hypersecretion of sebum of the skin. To control their excesses, Dr. Goetz, teaching in phytotherapy with the faculty of Bobigny, then calls upon certain plants with the action anti-androgen, such as the hop (Hop lupulus). This last has also an action antibactérienne and virtues alleviating useful in the event of stress, a worsening factor of the acne. One can consume it in the form of herb teas at a rate of one to three cups per day. The hop is disadvised during the pregnancy and in the event of hormono-dependant cancer (center, uterus), and for the Sirs, it would have effects anaphrodisiaques. The nettle (Urtica dioica) is also traditionally used (herb tea, drops…) in the treatments of the acne. It would have an action anti-androgen like hop, which would make it possible to slow down the production of sebum. Moreover, this plant rich in oligoéléments also has properties anti-inflammatory drugs and antimicrobic interesting at the time of the problems of acne. Caution: in the event of disorders of the heart or kidneys, the nettle is contra-indicated.

To drain

The skin is the mirror of our interior health and our internal imbalances. In the case of the acne, the liver and the intestinal flora are the organic spheres that the doctors phytothérapeutes endeavor to support in priority with, for example, rosemary, plant-headlight of the liver. Then, two major plants drain the skin specifically: roots of burdock (Arctium lappa) and the wild thought (tricolor Violated). By cleaning the skin of the interior, to some extent, these plants can initially worsen the acne before the return to the lull. The root of burdock prepares in decoction (while making boil during one hour a spoon with coffee by cup), but it seems that it is more effective in liquid form in EPS (in pharmacy). Its traditional use for the skin just starts to be shown by some studies which underline its properties disinfectants, anti-inflammatory drugs like its positive action on the liver. As for the wild thought, it also has a dépurative, antioxydant, antimicrobic action and anti-inflammatory drug. One can consume it out of infusion (in pharmacy or herb trade) at a rate of one to three cups per day. Dr. Bérengère Arnal, phytothérapeute and gynecologist, recommend a mixture of herb tea including/understanding of the wild thought, the roots of burdock and the fumeterre with equal shares, lasting two to three months at a rate of 3 to 4 cups per day. In the event of aggravation of the acne before the rules, she then advises to add to this mixture of achillée the cream slice.

To treat locally

Locally, it is advisable to let breathe the skin and to avoid attacking it with traditional soaps, creams and make-up. To clean the skin, Dr. Goetz especially advises to use medicated water (floral water) of flowers of orange tree, hamamélis or rosemary and to calm it the medicated water of cornflower, of pink or camomile. According to this doctor, honey also has healing virtues and could be applied to the skin, just as a clay mask associated with oil with argan and some essential oil drops with géranium (very healing) which one then delicately withdraws with water of pink. And to finish, Dr. Goetz advises a cream containing oil of Calophyllum in which one dilutes essential oil 1% of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). Lastly, the essential oil of lavender and the aloe are two large partners of the skin. The essential oil of lavender is very well tolerated by the skin (contrary in the majority of essential oils, which should not be applied pure): it relieves of many dermatological problems, such as the burns, eczema, the blotches… As for the aloe, which is presented in the form of freezing, several studies underlined its interest in the event of light burns and to reduce the acne in partnership with the essential African basil oil (Ocimum gratissimum).

Oil anti-acne of Dr. Arnal

To treat locally, here the receipt which Dr. Arnal entrusted to us: to mix 10 essential oil drops of rose géranium, 10 essential oil drops of tea trea, 10 essential bois de rose oil drops, 10 ml of oil of jojoba and 10 ml of oil of musky pink of Chile and to plug on the critical zones.

Effective treatment for hormonal acne in women
Spironolactone is diuretic which is more usually used to treat arterial hypertension and the edema. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not advise it for the treatment of the acne, but it is often given to the women to treat the hormonal pushes.

Treatment of the acne of Spironolactone is not effective against the hormonal pushes among women. It is very useful for the women having hormonal disorders. It is only available on ordinance of your doctor. Its name of mark is Aldactone.

Spironolactone is a antiandrogene. Hormones androgens are present in the females at concentrations lower than those of the men. Certain women seem to produce androgens more than necessary. Spironolactone can block the receivers of the organization and prevent the cells from absorbing androgens. It decreases the hormonal variations which cause the acne.

Treatment of the acne of Spironolactone will help only the women with this specific hormonal acne. A study showed that 66% of the women had pushed with Spironolactone.

If you have tendency to escape that the week before your rules will not have to take spironolactone for this week to you. It is usually prescribed oral contraceptives to treat the acne. He is also prescribed agents topics for the acne.

There can be side effects with Spironolactone, including the irregular menstruations, sensitivity of the centres, the dry months and thirst, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, dizzy spells, increased potassium levels and lower the blood pressure.

The blood pressure and blood potassium must be checked while you are on this drug. The expectant mothers should not use it. It should not be used if you suffer from renal problems, breast cancer, cancer of the ovary or cancer of the uterus.

Spironolactone is diuretic and you must drink much water while taking it. The treatment of Spironolactone can take several weeks to be effective against the acne. To obtain more information on the treatments of the Spironolactone acne click here now.

Acne on Buttocks to face the acne on your face is a thing, but the buttons on the buttocks is another problem. However, your buttocks is one of the most exiguous places to reproduce the acne because it becomes very difficult to face the situation. Your self-confidence takes a descent, leaving you in an extreme state of despair and impotence. Much among us suffers from buttons buttocks and the main causes behind the blaze of buttons are not even the culprit behind that of the acne of the face: sweat. Then, to get rid of the acne buttocks can be something which you can do at the house while following the simple instructions below.

1. To apply and mass delicately the cream exfoliating one in the buttocks, while concentrating on the affected areas. Rinse well. Exfoliation helps to eliminate the cells dead from the skin which can trap the impurities and cause acne buttocks.

2. To get rid of the buttons in end, you ensure that you do not wear too tight clothing, because your skin must be able to breathe.

3. By tightening the buttons in end is something which you can do without. All that you must make is to clean the zone of thrust 2-3 times per day, but of course with an odorless soap or one cleaning specific acne which does not have hard chemicals that it is.

4. To allow all the ointments to dry before getting dressed. The benzoyl peroxide can bleach your clothing, or the pomade can be removed by your clothing before it has a chance to treat the acne well on your bottom.

5. Each day, while you to bathe, use loofah to wash your cigarette ends. While using these with soap and to invigorate the skin, thus reducing the buttons buttocks.

6. You can also apply oil of tree to to your cigarette ends to be gotten rid of the buttons. You can also use creams and ointments zit to be applied to the buttocks.

7. To apply a pomade prescribed for the acne, which will help you to get rid of the problem soon.